New Amazon Review… Insights from the Trenches of the Mite Fight

It is a shame that people are still becoming infested, but it is gratifying that The Year of the Mite provides some assistance.

Here is a new review:

“I cannot thank Jane Ishka enough for this book! If you are dealing with bird mites (or ever did in the past), I highly recommend reading this book for both your sanity and education. I took comfort in every word of it! I also urge anyone battling bird mites to go immediately to Jane Ishka’s website. It is by far the best source of protocols on getting rid of bird mites. I fully credit Jane for my success with finally getting rid of these things. I’m only sad that I didn’t find her sooner. I had to deal with them at my house, my husband’s house, and my office (I was in deep). Had I found her website and book sooner, I could have saved a lot of time, sanity and money. It takes a heartbreaking amount of work, but the sooner you come to terms with the reality of it, stop doubting yourself, and strongly request the cooperation of those in your life, the sooner you will be able to work through it. It has been an incredibly humbling experience, and I am so grateful to Jane for taking the time to share her experience, invaluable list of protocols and continued research!”