Do Yourself a Favor: Search “Parasitic Mites PCR.”

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But in a continuing effort to move parasitic mite diagnosis from the stone age into the 21st century, I am going to suggest you search “Parasitic Mites PCR” and read up on the growing body of research in this field. And even though I’ve not yet talked with these folks, here is an intriguing website that offers molecular testing for parasitic mites on non-human animals.
We are getting so close, folks…
Let’s work together to make this happen.

Training Course on Human Impacts of Parasitic Mites
A Call to Self-Advocacy for People with Parasitic Mites

2 thoughts on “Do Yourself a Favor: Search “Parasitic Mites PCR.”

  1. Hi Jane,
    Sorry to hear about your struggles but so amazed you are so proactive and positive! MY husband an i have been battling this “mystery mite” for over a year and a half. We lived in an old dumpy house in Australia infested with rats! We were in a rural area, so we were exposed to chickens, etc..even though we didn’t have any of our own, we had a vast veggie patch and bought a lot of chook poo! We often bought farmer’s fresh eggs too. We tried 3 rounds each of ivermectin (oral) and endless permethrin creams for one solid year..everyday!! We threw out most of our stuff, furniture etc. and they just come back! WE cant afford a new bed, couch and clothes anymore. Hot washes and dryers don’t do a thing. I now have breast cancer and will start chemo. Im very frightened, as we cut set to control it. 12 dermatologists found nothing, an some claim it delusion!! but we know better. I was a paramedic, and had seen and had scabies in the past, this is nothing like that!! its severe. Will this PCr reveal the type of mite?? Were not sure if its a rat or poultry mite. Biopsies were not correctly done I’m afraid. I will buy your book! but if you have anymore info please advise..We have a lot of books! do we need to throw them away as well?? is there any other solution? permethrin sprays and floor wash hasn’t really eradicated them much. This is tough for me with Cancer! i even think the high doses of permethrin i had might have caused my cancer! please advise..Doctors do not help here in Europe!

    • Hello RP,
      So sorry to hear of your troubles with mites, at the same time as another health issue requires your attention.
      The problem is, there is no good diagnostic in common use. If you have time to read up on the research done on (non-parasitic) face mites, you’ll see that the collection methods currently in use for parasitic mites have been shown to have about a 90% false negative rate for face mites. That shows the importance of NOT diagnosing people with delusional parasitosis based on these old collection methods.
      If you haven’t yet had a chance, please check out the protocols on this site, which are the same as the ones in my book. Please start with the safest things, like running dehumidifiers in your house. Lowering the humidity makes mites less able to function and to reproduce.
      Please show skeptical doctors this article, which at least will give them something to think about:

      Wishing you all the best with both your health challenges, and please let me know how it goes.
      Take care,

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