Jane Ishka on Facebook and Other News

Jane Ishka on Facebook

Big News!


Jane Ishka is now on Facebook! Please follow Jane there, chat and recommend her to anyone who could be helped by her expertise. You can also use the buttons on the left to ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ any of the pages with your friends on Facbook – please consider doing that so that Jane can help more people understand about mites and how to get rid of them.

The Book

Jane is busily proofing the very final version of The Year of The Mite and it will be available at Amazon and other good book sellers by the end of February! You can get both hard copy print and the electronic Kindle version online. The printed previews look great and were shown off at Jane’s latest talk on ‘The Sex Life of Mites’ at Nerd Night, North Bay in early February. The books we took were quickly grabbed for reviews and for education.  Jane would very much appreciate a review on Amazon.

Some of the topics in Jane’s talk, for more on the sex lives of mites, Jane suggests:

Jane Ishka Now On Facebook

Jane Talks at The North Bay Nerd Night about the ‘Sex Life of Mites’

* “Want Longer Sex? Come Back as a Dust Mite.”
* “Are Mites Having Sex in My Face?”
* “Ancient Dominatrix Mites Found Trapped in Amber While Mating
* “Adactylidium: Baby mites fertilized before birth, eat their way out of mother’s body

The Website

You will see that we have a completely revamped website.  We like it and hope that you do too.  Let Jane know your thoughts, you can now email her directly at [email protected] and the name of the site (just to try and avoid those pesky spammers).

You can also comment on Facebook of course.