Press Release for “Year of the Mite” — the Book

The Year of the MiteĀ is now scheduled for publication in early 2016.

To see the press release, please click on this link:

“This book gives all the advice contained on Jane’s blog, and much more. Finding out that my feelings of fear, confusion and desperation had been shared by someone else going through the same thing really helped.

The fact that Jane is a scientist offers a further dimension; the pest control operators and doctors I encountered during my nightmare experience could learn a lot from reading this.”

— Kitty W., United Kingdom

"Housebakers" -- An Excerpt from the book, The Year of the Mite
The Mite Protocols

6 thoughts on “Press Release for “Year of the Mite” — the Book

  1. Looking forward to seeing your book published. I can’t guarantee that I’ll read it since I am currently dealing with bird mites myself and free time is practically non-existent. But I do want to offer words of encouragement. Thank you for helping to spread the word about bird mites.

    • Many thanks! Your encouragement is much appreciated.
      And best of luck to you dealing with the scourge. Wishing you better times – and more free time – ahead.

      • Hey Jane
        I decided to put together a site that is focused on bird mites, scabies, morgellons, and spring tail treatments. Would you mind mentioning me? If you are not interested, my feelings won’t be hurt. My site is:

        Just getting started now, but you can see the direction I am trying to take it. I really love to hear people’s stories, but for someone suffering, sometimes you just want to find some treatments.

        Anyway, I wish you well


        PS. I am not selling anything.

        • Hi Rami,

          The focus on many possible treatments as a resource for others makes your site valuable and appealing. I’m sure it will be a big help to folks dealing with mites. I enjoyed looking at it and am looking forward to learning more. You’re doing a good deed by putting it out there.

          Best of luck to you and your girlfriend with your own mite battle.

          • Thank you Jane, I really appreciate your comments.

            These mites adapt. Even though my gf and I were infested from the same source, her mites come out in a bath and mine don’t. I was thinking if we have enough treatments out there for others to try, eventually someone will find what works for their particular situation.

  2. Hello Rami,
    It’s very true that each of us needs to develop protocols that work for our particular situation. Not everyone has the same species of parasitic mite, the same environmental conditions, or the same physical/biological response to mites. That is why your website is so useful in providing a variety of options.
    And you raise a good point about the adaptability of mites. The new article published by Sparagano, George and others in the online journal “Parasites and Vectors” talks about the adaptability of Dermanyssus gallinae in particular. In the same way that bacteria, that reproduce so rapidly, can quickly evolve around antibiotics, mites can quickly evolve around pesticides and other challenges. However they cannot quickly evolve around physical means of containment such as dehumidifiers that dry them out. That’s why dehumidifiers are so very useful.
    Again, best of luck to you and your girlfriend, and thanks for giving back to our community of survivors.
    Best wishes,

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