The Best Revenge: Kill the Mites, Save the People

The goal in the fight against parasitic mites is to outlast them. This means get rid of mites without harming ourselves.

I hear from people all the time who have symptoms of parasitic mites. Miserable people, sleepless people, who are suffering without sympathy because the professionals they consult are uninformed or in denial, and the people they love are not being bitten and have no understanding of what the favorite host is going through.

A better day is surely coming, because more and more professionals are realizing that parasitic mite infestation of humans is a real problem. But in the meantime, people with mites are still in charge of their own diagnosis and treatment. And when you have not slept in months because you are being bitten all night, just about any kind of self-treatment is appealing.

But I am asking you: Please, remember you are in this for the long haul. This is not just about getting a few hours of sleep at any cost, although it may feel like that today. This is about killing the mites and keeping you alive. So please take care of yourself. Start with the safest possible methods and give them a chance.

You can do all these things with little or no risk:
Get rid of the carpeting in your house and your car
Clean your floors with ammonia in water
Run air conditioners and dehumidifiers in your home
Go minimalist: Throw out all the stuff you don’t absolutely need
Drop a cup of borax and a cup of ammonia in every load of wash
Swim as often as you can in a chlorinated pool

Please see the protocols on this site for more approaches to ending the co-infestation of skin and environment.

Too often I hear from people who are drinking things no human should ingest, or putting things on their skin that are toxic. You won’t see those letters published on my site because I cannot in any way endorse those methods. I do understand when you write such a letter that you are hurting and nobody helps you or even believes you. And so you have become your own scientist and your own guinea pig. I have been there and I understand the motivation. But let me tell you, when you are over this you will wish you had never exposed yourself to toxins or to carcinogens. You will want to live a happy mite-free life in the years ahead.

And it is possible to get there while making your own health your top priority.

The best revenge is living well. And to get your revenge on parasitic mites, you must keep yourself alive.

Take good care.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Revenge: Kill the Mites, Save the People

  1. Jane,
    We are currently suffering from mites we got when our apartment was infested in Alabama. We caught one and had it identified as a mite but we are still trying to get more specimens. We really need to talk to someone with your knowledge about host switching and the mites ability to survive off of humans and of course our canine. Would there be a way I could speak to you directly even if it is just through email?

    • Hello Tamie,
      Very sorry to hear of your troubles with mites. Am very glad you caught a specimen and had it identified. Wondering what species it was?
      I don’t consult individually but would be glad to answer further inquiries from you on here. Meanwhile the answers to some of your questions may be in this article by entomologist David George and colleagues:

      Best of luck, and I hope the protocols on this website and in the back of the book are helpful.

  2. With all of your research, why didn’t ozone ever come into the equation? You never successfully eradicated the problem.

    • Hello Brutus,

      There is so much research to be done on parasitic mites! Many possibilities are yet to be explored and verified. Ozone may be one of them.
      I was fortunate to eradicate the mites in my environment and on my person, and I am sure there would have been more effective ways to do so if more research had been conducted when I had mites in 2009-2010. For more on what worked for me, please check the protocols on this page and in the book, Year of the Mite.

      If you are affected, wishing you all the best,

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